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What is proper defecation?

A modern toilet seat is comfortable, but the position taken by a person seated on the toilet is a disadvantage. When we are seated our colon is curved and blocked to prevent unpleasant situations from occurring during everyday activities.

Taking a sitting position during bowel evacuation causes many difficulties and problems that we are not always aware of. The problems include long stays in the toilet, irregular bowel movements and, despite the effort used, little chance of full bowel evacuation. There is a simple solution, which may be useful and is worth considering.

Adoption of the squatting position (35º angle between the upper body and thighs), allows the muscle surrounding the colon to relax and straighten it out so that the accumulations of feces can pass down freely, with the force of gravity.


If you are skeptical about the squatting position, think about how positively it can impact your body and what diseases and ailments it will help you avoid. Below we list a few:


A straight and relaxed colon helps to empty the gut in a natural way. It reduces the use of abdominal prelum. Changing the position to the proper one stimulates regular bowel movements, improving the natural functioning of the intestines and reducing the likelihood of chronic constipation.


The adoption of the correct position on the toilet reduces the pressure on the anal blood vessels and the tension of the sphincter muscles. Less straining during defecation significantly reduces the risk of hemorrhoids in old age.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Due to the lack of an effective treatment method, the disease symptoms are not treated but only alleviated. Adopting the squatting position may have a positive effect on alleviating such symptoms as: constipation, abdominal pain, intestinal cramps, bloating and gas, diarrhea, and a feeling of incomplete evacuation. Stress intensifies the symptoms, and the inability to defecate increases said stress getting us trapped in a vicious circle. Using the toilet does not have to add to your worries, all you need is to sit on the toilet in a proper way.

Intestinal diseases

Regular bowel movements and cleansing the intestines of the accumulations of feces, which contain all kinds of bacteria, can protect us from many intestinal diseases as well as other ailments.

Anal fissure

Regular bowel movements limit the formation of hard accumulations of feces. This way we will avoid excessive stretching of the intestinal walls, where blood cracks occur.

Uśmiechnięta kobieta pracująca przy komputerze
Intensive lifestyle and stress affect the functioning of your digestive system.

Do you want to get rid of constipation and regain control of your life?

Kobieta w ciąży z córką
For a mother, her child’s poop is the sign of its health and good nutrition.

Our advice: mom, take care of your health as well.

Para uśmiechniętych osób obejmujących się
Working on your body involves a well-balanced diet and regular exercise.

It is also important to ensure the proper functioning of the intestines through regular defecation.

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