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What is GOKO

GOKO is a device supporting proper defecation, which allows you to adopt the best anatomically position for defecation, while facilitating and accelerating the process

GOKO is an innovative product designed to improve your functioning.

”GOKO device in a simple, easy and accessible to people of different height and age, allows you to adopt the most appropriate defecation position”

„Liquidation of constipation is a relief in ailments, a better frame of mind, and prevention”

„The testers of the GOKO product emphasized its effectiveness”

prof. dr hab. n. med. Jacek Muszyński

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Rekomendacja Prof. Dr hab. n. med. Jacka Muszyńskiego

How does GOKO work?

Evacuation of accumulations of feces is blocked in the sitting position. The use of GOKO helps our body to adopt the correct position, the so-called squatting position, in which the anorectal angle is straightened out and nothing hinders the process of evacuating out bowels.


Sit on the toilet seat


Position GOKO with
the feet towards you


Set the movable step and place both your feet on it


Lean your body
slightly forward


and enjoy the feeling of

Benefits of using GOKO

  • sensation of lightness, flat stomach and no pain
  • reduced stress associated with defecation
  • improved well-being and comfort of everyday life
  • solution to a long-time problem
  • you will take care of yourself and your health safely and you will avoid talking about your embarrassing problem at the pharmacy or doctor’s
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Adapted to your bathroom

By combining modern design with state-of-the-art technology, we created GOKO, which will be a great match for your bathroom – no matter what its style is. We designed it with attention to every detail using the highest-quality materials.

The wall bracket allows for hanging GOKO on the wall and gives free access to the toilet.

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