Frequently Asked Questions


What is GOKO?

GOKO is a device, which supports proper defecation. It allows you to adopt the best anatomical position for defecation, facilitating and accelerating the process. This website is entirely devoted to GOKO.

Why the 35-degree angle?

When changing the position of defecation from sitting to the squatting position, the position of our body changes, forming an angle of 35º between the body and the thighs. It is the position of our body that is the best anatomical position for defecation. Thanks to it, our large intestine straightens out and the muscles relax allowing for free bowel movement.

How to assume a 35-degree angle on the toilet?

Imagine that you are squatting on the floor – this is the 35º position, which you can easily assume using GOKO while seated on the toilet seat.

Why after being set the step falls down?

The step falls down because the holding mechanism is not closed entirely. In order for the step holding mechanism to be properly tightened and for the step to stay in place, use the fingers of one hand to hold the metal lever of the mechanism located under the step, and using the other hand, turn the screw to the right. Close the metal lever by pushing it completely to the left.

How to set the height of the step?

In order to set the step to the right height:

  • loosen the clamp of the mechanism holding the step in position by pulling the metal level adjustment lever towards you.
  • pull up the moving step using your fingers and move it to the right position on the scale.
  • close the metal lever by pushing it to the left as far as possible so that the step does not go down the aluminum profile.
What is the purpose of the numerical scale on the aluminum profile of GOKO?

Owing to the scale, every person using GOKO can set the height of the step to their needs. Additionally, it helps to remember the most favorable step setting.

What is the purpose of the moving grip on the aluminum profile?

The moving grip has two functions.

  1. In the case of the dynamic use of GOKO (wheel function) it helps you grab the device with the other hand.
  2. In the case of the static use of GOKO it helps shorter people to assume a comfortable position.


What is the time of order processing?

The time of order fulfillment depends on the day of order’s placement. You will receive information about the current status of the order and the expected date of delivery of the purchased device in e-mail notifications. The order processing time should not exceed 5 business days.

Can I collect the order personally?

All orders are sent using courier services. It is not possible to collect the purchased GOKO device personally.


When will the courier company deliver the parcel?

The completed order will be delivered by DPD courier company.  DPD courier company guarantees delivery within 24 hours from the moment of dispatching the parcel.

Will a courier contact me before delivering the parcel?

Couriers delivering parcels are not obliged to contact the recipient of the parcel by phone, but they often do so. If you are particularly interested in contacting the courier, we recommend that you contact the local courier department. When contacting the courier company, you will need the number of a waybill, which is sent to customers by e-mail along with information on dispatching the parcel from the warehouse.

The parcel containing the product is damaged. What should I do?

If the parcel delivered by the courier has visible signs of damage, a damage report must be drawn up on the same day in the presence of the courier.

How can I make a complaint concerning GOKO?

The customer has the right to file a complaint concerning the purchased device within two years from the moment of purchase. In order to lodge a complaint, a customer must notify the store within 14 days about the product’s incompatibility with the offer or its damage. To do this, a customer must fill-in the complaint form.

In what time is the complaint processed?

The complaints are processed by the store within 14 business days from the moment of receipt of the parcel with the complained product.