First steps with GOKO

GOKO instructional video

What should you know before using GOKO?

Sit on the toilet seat

It’s that simple.

Nie prawidłowa pozycja wypróżniania się

Prepare GOKO

Before the first use, set the height of the moving step to match your height.

In order to set the step to the right height:

  1. Loosen the clamp of the mechanism holding the step in position by pulling the metal adjustment lever towards you.
  2. Pull up the moving step using your fingers and move it to the right position on the scale.
  3. Close the metal lever by pushing it to the left as far as possible so that the step does not go down the aluminum profile.

Set GOKO with
the feet towards you

Hold the fixed element with your hand and position the device in front of you so that the feet drawn on the moving step are in the same position as your feet.

Urządzenie GOKO

Place your feet
on the step

Set GOKO on the floor a few centimeters from the edge of the toilet seat, then place your feet on the moving step. Remember that GOKO should be positioned upright and your knees opened to the sides.


Prawidłowa pozycja wypróżniania się z urządzeniem GOKO

Lean your body
slightly forward

Lean your body forward so that your head extends beyond the edge of the toilet – this is the optimal position for bowel movement.

Prawidłowa pozycja wypróżniania się z urządzeniem GOKO


…and enjoy the feeling of lightness every day

Prawidłowa pozycja wypróżniania się z urządzeniem GOKO